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How to Install a KAM Plastic Snap Button - a Step by Step Tutorial

How to Install a KAM Plastic Snap Button - a Step by Step Tutorial

Assalamualaikum everyone. It has been a very loooong delayed for this tutorial. I have promised to make one, a long time ago but yet to fulfill the promise. :( Sorry. 

Due to the overwhelming response to this snap button plier set, so I need to force myself to find time for this tutorial. Hopefully, it does help those who bought the plier or new sewist to try this on later. Don't worry, you can always check the stock at our online store if you wish to have one! Now, let's take a look at how easy-peasy it was to set the snap button on your project by watching these simple step by step video.

As you can see in the tutorial, I am using KAM T5 LOVE shape snap button. Yes, just using the same base for the round, love and even star shape. It has four pieces to get one button. So, when the description says 30 set of snap buttons, it means that 30 x 4 pcs. 

Star & Love shapes are all KAM brand. Round shape is Hualian brand. KAM is the first brand come into Malaysian market that largely for making Cloth Diapers, And now, this button is universal and suitable for a lot of projects you are working with.

Next, we will peruse the details in the set itself. What else in the plier package?

1. A plier.

2. Extra dies top.

3. Extra rubber top.

4. Three sizes of base T3 (10mm), T5 (12mm) and T8 (15mm).

5. A screwdriver.

6. An awl.

For the plier set, you will receive 300 sets of a colourful plastic snap button as well as a FREE box for button organizer. All of this is only RM53.00 exclude postage. You can check the listing HERE.

As for your information, this plier is Hualian brand. We do have KAM plier set that will be ready for sale around early February 2018. Like our Facebook Page Min Min DIY for latest updates on sewing supplies, fabric, and even sewing machines. Don't miss out our SALE that we may happen to offer in future!

If you have any further query on this product or other products that we carry in the online store, feel free to email us at or connect with our Facebook Page Min Min DIY and Instagram account - @minmindiy.kain.cantik

Till then, may Allah bless you and happy sewing!


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