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KAM Snap Button T3 Clear Lutsinar

RM 3.00

Bored with making button holes?

Or quite difficult to find suitable colour to match for every single piece of new project? 

Why not try this clear ones. So sweet to add on a romper, or even adult to garment. 

With only 10mm, just nice to install on your fabric. Don't worry, just use your regular plier. Change the base to the smallest one before adding this snap button to your fabrics. 

1 pack consists of 10 sets of buttons. 1 set of button consists of 4 pieces. 


Butang baruuuu. Lutsinar gituu. Senang nak matching dengan semua warna kain kan? Kan kan?? 😁😁😁

Lg best this time kita ambil saiz kecik. T3. Comel jek nanti pasang kat baju. Cuff jubah anak sekolah ke.. Kalau onesie lg comel sebab saiz kecik macam butang romper yg metal tu. :)

Boleh jugak nak letak di bag dan mana² lagi kegunaan yang sesuai. 

Jualan per pack. 

Ada 10 butang per pack. 1 butang 4 pieces. 

Package: 10 pack. (10pack x 10 set butang). 

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